Life plans

Ever since I was a teenager I would joke how that I would be living at home with my parents till in was 30 because I was such a home body. Back then I was just taking one day at a time. I didn’t have a life plan. I didn’t actually think that this would become a reality till I moved back home a few months ago after moving out to go flatting for a year. But looking ahead to the future it’s now looking like a very real possibility I will be at home till god knows when. Now because I’m going travelling next year and then I’m going to come back and be unemployed with no job or money, but at least I would have had a chance to explore & escape for a little bit.

I was talking with mum the other day and she made me realise that I needed to make sure I was doing this for the right reasons. That I wasn’t running away. But in reality I am. Just after getting back from Thailand in February this year within a month I had already booked my next trip. I had basically done it on a whim. For some reason I had in my head that if I could disapear, run away from my family, friends and job that some how that would ease my pain and hush the voice in my head. But unfortunately I am learning that the nagging voice in the back of my mind is going to be with me where ever I am in the world. So I have told myself that Ive got 6 months to try and make peace with myself so that when I go away I am doing it because I want to explore the world, meet new people and experience what life has to offer.

Back to life plans. Well in all honesty I dont have one. There is a very significant difference between dreams & reality. Practical and non practical. Being the organised, realistic person I am I would love to say ‘yes I have my life sorted and this is where Im going to live, work, and be with for the next 50 years’, but sadly life doesnt quite work that way and as everyone knows all too well that life can change with the drop of a hat.



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