It’s hard being on the inside.

Being on the inside can mean so many different thing’s or been seen from many different perspectives.  Being on the inside looking out or the outside looking in. What ever way you look at it, it all comes down to perspective.

Perspective can be defined as…. ‘a particular attitude towards or way of regarding something; a point of view.’

Last night was emotional and overwhelming. A life was going to be taken away simply because her family could not afford to fix her excruciating injuries. Being who I am and what my job description is, it is my job to fix and help out these animals and families but when they simply cannot afford the cost of an extensive surgery the only option they could see was to send her to heaven.  Knowing that money was the only thing stopping them helping their furry friend was heart breaking to see. Of course they didn’t want to put her to sleep but that was the only option they could for-see. After sometime of going back and forth to finance companies seeing who would help them out at 8pm on a Saturday night they were given approval to borrow some money to put towards the surgery she so desperately needed to save her life. And just like that, with the click of a button, a phone call here and there and the few simple words of ‘Yes we can approve the loan right away’ she was given the opportunity to continue to live.

A huge weight was lifted off my shoulders knowing she was now going to get the best treatment and care  possible by our team of amazing nurses and vets. I could now go home after an exhausting and crazy long day and lay my head down knowing that myself and my other nurse had done everything possible to keep a family together.



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