Not just human life is precious.

Life, whether it is human or animal it is worth being treasured. Animals need to have a someone to fight for them, a home to go and somewhere they feel loved and treasured. And I am that one to fight for them.

In my short career of vet nursing for nearly two years I have saved the lives of 4 animals, taken them into my heart and home until their forever homes can be found. At the same time I have unfortunately ended many lives too. Mostly for the better. Of the 4 lives I saved, I took them away from the cruel and awful  people that were choosing to end their friends life without even giving them a chance.

I understand everyone has an opinion of their own and as I am growing older and slowly wiser and I am coming to terms with this and learning to accept this but what I cant accept is the reason these people are using to send their animals to heaven. They may not have a voice but they certainly do have a spirit, emotions and the ability to understand.  It makes me so unbelievably angry and upset how they are choosing to take the easy road out, that within a single second life can be over. Not even giving them a second chance, not asking for help whether its financially or emotionally. It is so simple and takes such little effort to try to rehome rather than to end their life. By choosing this your not only taking your so called ‘friends’ life but your also taking a little bit of the people involved with the harrowing procedure.

There are not many people out there, unless you’re in the veterinary industry yourself who understand the physical and emotional toll we have to deal with on a daily basis. There is not many words to explain what goes on in the complicated and never ending minds of us nurses but feelings can be expressed by just the look into one another’s eyes as you know they are feeling the same pain you are. We feel like we are in a world where people on the outside dont understand and take us for granted yet everything we do for the beloved furry friends is beyond what they could ever ask for. And then asking us to take an innocent life all because you simply dont want to deal with the problem anymore is one of the most selfish things I can simply think of.

I dont have much going for me in my life so any difference I can make in this world, big or small gives me that little glimmer of hope that I can make this place just that little more bearable.

To all the vets and vet nurses out there, who are over worked, under paid and under appreciated just know that you are in one big family, all here for the same reason and that reason is to save lives, help the sick and injured and provide hope and happiness. Not everyone out there will thank you for what may seem like a simple task to them yet takes great strength and courage from us but just know that there is someone, even if its just one single person who is grateful for what you did and that can make all the difference.

To all my furry friends I have saved you have had an impact on my life in one way or another and I will carry a piece of you in my heart with me for ever (or an imprint of your paw on the side of my neck). Enjoy your forever new homes xxxx.


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